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FPVtosky RC 2 Controller Sun Hood Cover for DJI Mini 4 Pro

par FPVtosky
Prix d'origine $17.99 - Prix d'origine $17.99
Prix d'origine $17.99
$17.99 - $17.99
Prix actuel $17.99

FPVtosky RC 2 Controller Sun Hood Cover for DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI RC 2 Joysticks Protector for DJI Ari 3 Accessories, Dji Mini 4 Pro Drone Controller Screen Protection, DJI Mini 4 Pro Accessories


Sunshade for DJI RC 2 Controller】Designed specifically for DJI RC 2 Controller, perfect fit just like the original accessory in terms of fit and ease of use. Premium DJI Air 3 / DJI Mini 4 Pro Accessories.

3-in-1 Functionality】You only need one accessory to fulfill three functions. (Sunshade for DJI RC2, Joystick Protector for DJI RC 2, Screen Protector for DJI RC 2)

Comprehensive Protection】Effectively protects the screen, buttons, and joysticks from dust and scratches. With this RC 2 sunshade installed, there's no need to frequently remove the joystick; you can safely store it in the bag and fully protect the DJI RC 2 controller from damage.

Foldable Side Panels】Additional side panels that, when unfolded, effectively increase the shading area. When you don't need to use the side panels, there's no need to disassemble them; they can be immediately folded into the main panel.

Dual Damping Shaft Design】The main sunshade panel and side panels adopt high-quality damping shafts, ensuring smooth movement without any stuttering. They can also stay at any angle, providing flexible use and greatly enhancing the shading performance.

Precise Positioning】Does not affect the use of any buttons. It is fixed with hand-tightened screws at the back, requiring no additional tools. It can firmly attach to the DJI Air 3 /DJI Mini 4 Pro controller and is an excellent accessory for the DJI Air 3 /DJI Mini 4 Pro controller.

Packing List】1xDJI RC 2 Sun Hood Cover. (Controller and other accessories not included), We provide 12 months warranty/refund and excellent after sales service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.