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FPVtosky Mini 3/4 Pro Battery Charger for DJI Mini 3/4 Pro Accessories

par FPVtosky
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Prix actuel $35.99

DJI Mini 3/4 Pro Two-Way Battery Charging Hub

Charging Hub Product Description:

Product name: Two-way Charging Hub For Dji Mini 3 Pro

Model No£ºCH01

Product Size£º60*52.5*84.5mm £¨2.3*2.1*3.3inch£©

Product Weight£º130g (0.29lb)

Color: Grey


Output£º5V3A (MAX)

Applicable drones: DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone 2453mAh and 3850mAh battery


Charger Cable Product Description:

Product name: Type-C Silicone Data Cable

Material£ºSilica gel

Color: Black

Current£º6A (MAX)



Interface£ºUSB to Type-C

Length£º1.25M (49.2inch)


Notes£ºNewly purchased batteries or batteries that haven’t been used for a long time will be in hibernation mode. Please charge the battery on the drone to wake it up from hibernation mode before using it. The charging butler will not respond if the battery in hibernation mode is put into it. If the battery with low charge is placed in the charging butler, the indicator light of the charging butler will start to flash after a few minutes of charging.