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Drone Parachute for DJI M30 / M30T, Upgraded OWL-M30 UAV Flight Safety Guard

par FPVtosky
Prix d'origine $1,599.99 - Prix d'origine $1,599.99
Prix d'origine $1,599.99
$1,599.99 - $1,599.99
Prix actuel $1,599.99

Drone Parachute for DJI M30 / M30T, Upgraded OWL-M30 UAV Flight Safety Guard, DJI Matrice 30 / Matrice 30T Accessories 

Product Properties : 

Size: 5.1 * 4.13 * 1.77 inchs ( 13 * 10.5 * 4.5 cm)

Weight: 0.62 lb (280 g)

Color: Grey 

Product Features: 

¡¾Fusion Algorithm¡¿Utilizing flight control PSDK interface for deep fusion and Firefly APS safety system, enhancing drone’s accident perception. Real-time interaction between parachute system and drone data, integrating with own sensor data, comprehensively perceiving flight status for high rescue success.

¡¾Sensor Redundancy¡¿The OWL-M30 parachute sensor is designed with redundancy to address various accidents. When one set of sensors fails, the other set seamlessly takes over, supplementing data and accurately identifying the drone’s flight status. This eliminates parachute failures and ensures safe drone flight.

¡¾Rapid Installation System¡¿The OWL-M30 parachute features a convenient installation design that does not interfere with the folding and use of the drone, allowing for quick deployment and operation.

¡¾APS Automatic Parachute Deployment¡¿To enhance the reliability of the parachute, Firefly conducts continuous testing and simulations of various complex accident scenarios, fine-tuning the APS algorithm. When an unforeseen accident occurs, the APS automatic parachute deployment program strictly follows the commands of stopping the motor, deploying the parachute, activating the alarm, and executing a controlled descent, ensuring the safety of the drone and personnel on the ground.

¡¾APS Algorithm Upgrades¡¿To ensure safe and reliable flights, we continuously optimize the firmware to ensure the best compatibility between the parachute and drone firmware. We will provide you with the latest firmware versions via the internet, safeguarding every flight you undertake.

¡¾Safety First¡¿The OWL-M30 is designed with an IP45 dust and water resistance rating and a lightweight design, making flights safer in any weather conditions. The OWL-M30 adopts a consumable modular design, requiring only the replacement of the canopy after deployment, minimizing interruptions to operations.

¡¾Secure Power¡¿ With a highly reliable deployment structure, Firefly adopts a new method of canopy deployment that eliminates the need for traction blocks, ensuring smooth rescues every time. The safety and controllability during parachute deployment are significantly improved, ensuring the safety of each mission execution and team collaboration.