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FPVtosky Waterproof Hard Case for DJI FPV

par FPVtosky
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Prix d'origine $159.99
Prix d'origine $159.99 - Prix d'origine $159.99
Prix d'origine $159.99
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Prix actuel $149.99
  • ¡¾Open case and use it immediately¡¿ : ready to take off at anytime. Propellers, Arm Bracers, Goggles Antenna, Control Sticks and other accessories can be kept installed at any moment. Allows you to take out the drone, remote controller, and flying glasses to take off immediately.(If you don't have an Arm Bracers, Does not affect putting the drone into the case.)
  • ¡¾Efficient storage¡¿: It can keep drone Battery*5 (one is on the drone) and Goggles Battery*2, So you can play very enjoyable at one time. it can easily keep FPV Drone*1,Goggles V2*1, Goggles Headband*1, Goggles Antenna*4, free SD card storage box*1, drone Battery*5 (one is On the drone),Motion Controller*1, AC Power Adapter*1,Arm Bracers*1, propeller*8, Remote Controller*1, Control Sticks*2, Battery Charging Hub*1, Goggles Battery*2, Top Shell*1, Other wires and accessories
  • ¡¾Powerful¡¿: The shell is made of impact-resistant, wear-resistant PP material, which can effectively resist external impacts, and the waterproof and dust-proof function reaches IP67 level. The interior is made of high-quality EVA material, which has excellent shock resistance. In order to prevent unnecessary vacuum sealing and blasting of the case due to the air pressure difference, we have added an air balance valve design to the case. Let you use it without fear of any harsh environment.
  • ¡¾Detailed design¡¿: At the handle, we added a silicone sleeve, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the hand and can also play a non-slip effect. To ensure the safety and reliability of the buckle, we have adopted a high-quality double-layer buckle design. Compared with the ordinary buckle, the case accidentally falls from a height, and the buckle will not loosen. It is easy to open and close for daily use and has a long service life.
  • ¡¾Basic information¡¿: suitable for DJI FPV Drone Combo, size: 18.3*15.75*7.48inch, weight: 6.39lb, this product list includes DJI FPV case*1, free SD card storage box*1, free glasses sponge cover*1, Does not include other accessories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.