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FPVtosky OM 6 Case for DJI OM6 Storage Shoulder Bag

von FPVtosky
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DJI OM 6 Carrying Case

Product Description:
Product name: DJI OM 6 Carrying Bag
Applicable: OSMO Mobile 6 Gimbal Stabilizer
Size: 8.7*6.7*2.7 inch
Weight: 0.79 lb
Material: PU
Color: Dark Grey


1. Specially designed for DJI OM 6, integrated molding design, perfectly fit your Gimbal Stabilizer.
2. The outer shell is made of PU, which is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant and has a long service life. The internal integrated design accurately fits the DJI OM 6 and accessories, providing all-round protection for your DJI OM 6 Gimbal Stabilizer.
3. Can accommodate all major accessories of DJI OM 6.
4. The zipper are waterproof, don't worry about rain.
5. A shoulder strap is included to reduce the burden on the journey.