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FPVtosky Magnetic Ring Holder

von FPVtosky
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AMAZING!!! Why didn't DJI make them this way?


This magnetic accessory is a must have item if you want to use your DJI OM 5 or 6 easily and without having to use the awkward clamp that is provided OEM by DJI to hold your phone to the gimbal. The magnetic base fits onto the gimbal with proper placement guaranteed by the extruded bar built onto the unit. Once fitted, the phone is tightly held to the gimbal and even violently shaking the gimbal will not detach the phone.


For those without phones there are 2 metal rings provided either of which can be placed adhesively to the back of your phone which will then allow connection to the magnetic base

For those who do not have DJI OM Gimbal, we are equipped with adapters and cell phone magnetic brackets to easily connect other handheld Gimbal (Attachable quarter-inch screw products)

This is a simple yet great way to up your usage of the DJI OSM 5 or 6.



Strong magnetic adsorption, a stick that fits. No need to clip the phone, the phone adsorption in a second, the magnetic force of the full frame without fear of shaking.

Horizontal and vertical screen switch at will. Turn the dial, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical screen, without repeatedly disassembling the phone.

Can be handheld shooting, can also be used with a tripod and extension pole.



Name: FPVtosky magnetic ring holder

Material: magnet + plastic

Weight: 90g

Package size: 115*59*38mm

Adaptation models:

For DJI OM 4/4 SE/5, Osmo Mobile SE/6

For iPhone 12 and above, Other models can be used with our metal ring