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FPVtosky Landing Gear for DJI Mini 2 SE/Mini 2

von FPVtosky
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Ursprünglicher Preis $15.99
Ursprünglicher Preis $15.99 - Ursprünglicher Preis $15.99
Ursprünglicher Preis $15.99
Aktueller Preis $11.99
$11.99 - $11.99
Aktueller Preis $11.99
  • ¡¾Increases by 30mm¡¿The landing gear effectively increases the distance between the Mini 2se/mini2 and the ground by 30 mm to prevent damaging the body and sensor when the Mini2se/mini2 is taking off or landing.
  • ¡¾Compatibility¡¿The DJI mini 2se/mini2 landing gear is specially designed for DJI mini 2se/mini2 drone. Premium DJI mini 2se/mini2 accessories.
  • ¡¾Foldable Design¡¿The foldable spider leg design does not affect the replacement of the battery. It is compact and easy to carry. The lightweight design will not bring a burden to your Mavic Mini 2se/mini2 flight.
  • ¡¾Quick Installation¡¿Soft silicone strap for quick installation in only one step without scratching the drone body. Anti-fall mushroom head lock, tightly bundled to upgrade protection.
  • ¡¾What You Get¡¿DJI Mini 2se/mini2 Landing Gear (Grey + Orange) * 1