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FPVtosky Double Layer Hard Case for DJI Mini 2/ Mini 2 SE

von FPVtosky
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Aktueller Preis $42.99

FPVtosky Double Layer DJI Mini 2 SE Case, DJI Mini 2 Case, Waterproof Mavic Mini 2 Case Hard Carrying Case for DJI Mini 2 / Mini 2 SE Drone & DJI Mini 2 SE Accessories[CASE ONLY]


Product Properties£º

Size£º31 * 25.5 * 13.5cm£¨12.21 * 10.04 * 5.32 inch£©

Weight: 1.55kg(3.42lb)

Color: Black\Red

Main material: PP¡¢EVA


Product Features£º

  1. Double-Layer Design: This Mavic Mini 2 Case adopts a double-layer design and an extreme spatial layout. It can accommodate almost all of your commonly used DJI Mini 2 accessories. The top layer can hold the dji mini 2 drone, remote control, charger, and 8 batteries ( include drone’s battery), blades, data cables, etc. The large space on the bottom layer can accommodate landing pad, iPad, tablet holder, sun shade etc.
  2. Convenient to take and put: The remote control does not need to disassemble the joystick. The drone and remote control reserve finger space, which is convenient to put in and take out
  3. Full Protection:The shell of Mavic Mini 2 Case is made of sturdy engineering plastics, which is drop-resistant, sturdy, and IP67 dustproof and waterproof. The inner cover is a whole layer of wave sponge and a customized space of EVA material to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Mini 2 drone and accessories


Note: Only case and one SD card box included with the DJI Mini 2 Case! Drone and accessories are NOT included!