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FPVtoksy Hard Case for DJI Air 3 / Fly More Combo

von FPVtosky
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Ursprünglicher Preis $89.99
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Aktueller Preis $58.99
FPVtosky 2023 Latest Hard Case for DJI Air 3 Drone/Fly More Combo, Waterproof Air 3 Hard Shell Carrying Case Accessories, Compatible with DJI RC2/ RC-N2/ RC Pro, Up to 8 Batteries


Material: PP plastic+EVA
Color: Black、Red
Product size: 42 x 33 x 16.5cm
Product weight: 2.3kg


1.Excellent internal design: Waterproof hard case designed for Newest DJI Air 3 drones, each part has a separate storage space to keep the products organized and not rubbing against each other during the journey and transportation. Compatible with DJI RC2 ,DJI RC-N2, DJI RC Pro remote control, can hold up to 8 batteries.
2.Full Protectionl: Hard engineering plastic shell, just right pre-cut space sponge, IP67 dustproof and waterproof fully sealed design, this DJI Air 3 Case gives your Mavic 3 drone and accessories comprehensive protection.
3.Flexible and Large Free Space:Free space design allows more commonly used drone accessories to be placed
4.Easy to Use and Carry: DJI Air 3 waterproof hard case has a sturdy and solid handle, which is labor-saving and convenient to lift, and the soft silicone handle is designed to effectively reduce hand pressure. The double buckle and double lock design provides better security for the case.

Note:We only sell DJI Air 3 case with a free SD card storage box, excluding drones and other DJI Air 3 accessories!