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Propeller Guard for DJI Air 2S

von FPVtosky
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Aktueller Preis $19.99
  • ¡¾Customized design¡¿DJI Air 2s Propeller Guards, specially designed for dji Mavic air 2 and dji Mavic air 2s.
  • ¡¾Lightweight Design¡¿The whole set weighs only 90 grams, and the texture is light and does not affect the flight use. It is a high-quality DJI Mavic Air 2S accessory.
  • ¡¾Powerful¡¿Made of ABS material, it is firm and not easy to deform, and has strong impact resistance and compression resistance.
  • ¡¾Propeller Protection¡¿Semi-enclosed structure, all-round protection, effectively protect the propeller from impact, prevent the drone propeller from hurting people and animals, very suitable for novices, and also very suitable for scenes with many obstacles (such as indoors, buildings, parks) Wait).
  • ¡¾Package List¡¿DJI Air 2 Propeller Guard*1. £¨excluding drones£©